Thursday, June 11, 2009

Boulder Believes in ART! Posted by Megan Raskey

After very little, but MUCH needed sleep at the Santa Fe Hotel, we were forced to get up and get going! However, we let the sock monkeys sleep in because they are SO Crabby in the morning! In route to Colorado, we were happy to hear that our trip would only be 6 hours today! Also, the weather in Santa Fe/Colorado was much more bearable than Dallas, which also lifted our spirits. Stopping at Subway for some “breakfast” I was amazed to find out that they offer guacamole for your sandwich! What a great idea! Only in Santa Fe!

As soon as we got in the car, it was time to do our Pod cast. Feeling anxious to tell the story of our near death experience from the night before, we were excited for today’s show. During our show we also discussed how I had thought that I saw a deer in Santa Fe. Yet, I was informed by our producer, Andy Hannon, that there are no deer in Santa Fe. So I think I may have discovered a new species? However there are some deer in Santa Fe…large plastic ones outside of a Gas N Go in the middle of nowhere. Twit pics to come of the newly discovered Santa Fe deer….By the way, I have never seen so many cows just roaming around for miles, and I began to wondering how do people keep track of them?...and if one got away, would anyone notice?

As the beautiful scenery went rolling by outside my window, we were eager to get to Boulder Colorado where we would be staying with my cousin Erin and her two kitties Jaxson and Max. For the first time of the entire trip, we did not get lost!!! Once we were ready for the event, we headed to Pearl Street of downtown Boulder. As soon as we were in route, Mother Nature made herself known once more. By the time we arrived at Band on the Bricks, it was a torrential downpour! Disheartened, we headed to The B Side Lounge to weigh our options. Here we were greeted by a familiar face! Our cousin Billy and his wife Salina joined us for some well earned Margaritas! After awhile, we decided that we would peruse the bar in search of the spirit of Boulder and make due with our weather situation.

Before long, the car was teeming with local Boulderites all ready to put their artistic print on the car! We even provoked the interest of a local photographer! It was very moving to see the way that everyone was willing to come out and support the cause. Realizing the long day ahead of us on Thursday, we were forced to pack up the paint and head for bed!
Special Thanks to The Bed and Breakfast of Erin Andrews- Best 2am whole wheat spaghetti in town! We are now off to Salt Lake City!

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  1. Hey there! I'm the photographer, pics are posted here:

    I've also posted the pics on Facebook, you can get to my profile from the Facebook link at the top of the blog.

    Great to see you guys!