Thursday, June 11, 2009

Santa Fe Believes in ART! Posted by Megan Raskey

We woke up this morning, rather reluctantly, at the Springfield Hyatt in Dallas. Knowing that Santa Fe was a good 11 hours away, we ate breakfast as fast as we could and got on our way! This trip in particular proved to be the hottest one yet! The temperature in Dallas was a stifling 95 degrees! Which meant that the inside of the car was about 199 degrees. After a much needed Slurpee stop, we picked up a barrel of ice and spent the remainder of the trip soaking in ice puddles….Due to the unbearable weather, we were forced to do our live radio Pod cast from the parking lot of the Nuttin Fancy CafĂ© known for their Fried Pork Chop Cobbler. Jake told them that he had driven all the way from Chicago for a taste, and tried to order some to go. However, they must have been out because they kept telling him they didn’t have any?

Continuing on our journey, we were anxious to get to Santa Fe where we were scheduled to arrive at the Cow Girl at 7pm. Who knew that a few missed exits later we would find ourselves at a gas station weighing the options about getting back on track to Santa Fe….do we trust the locals and drive up into the mountains to save a ½ hour? OR do we go back to the last missed exit and waste a half hour? Jake had another plan. His plan was to hide in the bushes and Cry since we had been lost all day and leaking mystery fluid while our service engine light flickered. After much persuading by Sarah and I, we decided to pull Jake out of the pushes and go with option B: Back Tracking…..This we thought we spare us from driving through the mountains in the pitch black night…..We were wrong.

At about 8:30pm, we were on our way back to the elusive exit and losing sunlight-Fast! We were already and hour and a half late for our event, and we still had an hour of driving ahead of us! Before long we realized the situation that was upon us. In the mountains, exhausted and deflated from a now 13 hour drive, we were still 40 miles outside of Santa Fe and it was pitch black the whole drive through the mountains! Many gasps of horror, a few fights, and one prayer later we FINALLY arrived at Hotel Santa Fe…..Jake got out and kissed the ground as Sarah and I raced to the hotel to check in and change as quick as possible.

We finally arrived at the Cow Girl at 11pm!!!!! Realizing our “punctuality” we took a quick look around and got to work. We were received very well as the patrons of the Cow Girl are very out going and enthusiastic. Before long we had inspired the entire bar to paint the car. The patrons at Santa Fe were perfect for this type of project!

We had people standing on car and even one guy who fell off and smashed his head on another cars bumper. He was fine, he was just a little covered in paint and what was left of his self esteem. Bill, one of the owners of the Cow Girl, even came out to make his mark! He also donated some stickers, a hat, and some thong unna-wears to the cause! Thanks Bill! By 2am, it was time to get home and get to the technical part of the event, editing video, and posting pics. We were So Tired!

Thanks Santa Fe for Believing in ART!!!! and we are off to Boulder!

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