Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First 48 Hours! Posted by Megan Raskey

Just to recap…We kicked off the trip last night in Wicker Park at The Flatiron Arts Building! Thanks to all the artists who came out to help paint the car! The following morning we finally began our cross country journey at 7am! Since leaving Chicago we have hit a median, been rained on, had a few fights, a few laughs, and gotten lost (a few times) All in all it has been an adventure. However, I must say that when I signed on for this trip I was under the impression that we had AC, a CD player, directions, and at least a few hours of the day to sleep. I was wrong. I am getting the feeling that these minor details may have been left out on purpose.

Our first event started this afternoon in St. Louis. We were very excited and anxious to get started, but were beginning to realize that the weather did not share in our enthusiasm. Nevertheless, for the few hours that we were dry, we had a blast! Regardless of the threatening skies, we had many people interested in painting the car and getting involved. Even Brooke Foster and Rachael from the Turner Center art studio met us at the event to show their support. All in all it was a successful event. It is just too bad that mother nature had different plans…..But still, St. Louis believes in ART!

After leaving St. Louis, our journey continued on towards Kansas City MO where we were set to pair up with the Power and Lights District and their Blues Festival. Parked outside the Kansas City Chiefs arena, our event began. Emerged in the festivities, participants were feverishly working on all different parts of the car, anxious to share in the fun! We even managed to stir the interests of a couple of local firemen who were happy to show their support by allowing us to take pictures with their fire truck! Karen Willis, a woman living in Kansas City even approached us to share how art is the only thing in her life that has ever made her feel alive, and that she has used it for many years as a way to take care of herself while dealing with her depression.

After the event, we headed over to Raglan Road Irish Pub where we were greeted with excellent service and a well earned cold beer. Raglan Road by the way is one of the most impressive Irish Pubs we have ever visited and a definite must see! We were able to wrap up the event there while yet again being poured on! We headed back to our very welcoming and comfortable room at the Q Hotel and Spa and began editing! What a day.

Still Running on heART,

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